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Petition to make CC7 & 10 interception in Logic Pro into a preference.

Dear Apple Logic Pro developers,

Logic Pro 9.1 (as well as many previous versions) intercepts MIDI continuous controllers 7 & 10 on instrument channels and uses the data to control the fader and panner of the Logic channel strip without passing that CC data to the AU plugin instrument. There is currently no preference for this behaviour.

The behaviour is somewhat un-intuitive, and unique to Logic. It can cause a major headache for anyone wishing to use multi-timbral instruments and control the level and pan of individual parts within that multi-timbral instrument plugin. This especially affects professional users who run a slave setup (e.g. Vienna Ensemble Pro).

We, the undersigned, would like Apple to add a preference to Logic that allows us to turn off this MIDI interception behaviour. We would like the preference to toggle between the current behaviour (default), and to alternatively pass CC7 & 10 to the AU plugin without the data controlling the channel strip fader and panner within Logic.  We would like this to be introduced in the next update as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,
(the undersigned)

I will email details of this petition to Apple once it has achieved enough signatures to make it clear to Apple that this problem needs to be addressed.

Please also consider letting Apple know that this issue affects you personally by filling in their feedback webform:


Thanks everyone! With any luck Apple might just listen to us...

William Rice
composer & sound designer

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